Competitive Analysis   I started my ideation process analysing the competitors. Who was on the market , who was the main competitor, and in which way they would have influenced the market. E-commerce in wine is still at a nascent stage. However there is a lot of growth potential in this space as millennials (consumers aged 21-34), who are more active online shoppers, are likely to fuel e-commerce growth in wine in the future. According to IBIS World, boosted by demand from millennials, the online alcohol market is estimated to reach $ 1.4 billion by 2020. To begin my research, I started to look at a few competitors or similar platforms, analysing UI, UX, User flow, IA and key features. Through my research I found out that big name as Amazon and Ebay offered this service but they couldn't make any personalised selection of wine.  So our first  objective  was clear : try to build a product authentic and "unique" for every user .
  User Research   The next step in my research was to conduct user interviews in order to better understand the needs, goals and pain-points of my target audience. Here some user’s feedbacks
 The findings from my user interviews formed the basis for my  Personas :
Persona Withvino.jpg
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