GoodGym is an organisation that helps people get fit by doing good. The Organisation have a great concept, vibrant team and an ambitious 2017 plan to grow the number of members and do more good deeds.

Increasing user engagement

The challenge was that runners’s profile and overall landing page don’t accommodate any engagement benefit and the existing features are hard to find. 


This leads to lack of engagement, and exceptionally high user dropout, with only 16% percent of the sign ups becoming active members and committing to mission runs.

To address these issues we identified a number of solutions, including designing a more intuitive feel, improving the on-boarding and tailoring the positioning of relevant information that matches user interests.

Together with the client, we:

  • Redesigned the runner profile and dashboards to reflect runners’  participation, encouraging loyal members and other runners who are not members yet to become verified do more missions.
  • Provided a social network method to encourage fellow runners to join group runs each week.

To better understand the cause of the drop-off, we undertook various forms of user research, asking runners what types of information they would like to get from GoodGym, and how to access it.

We began with a screener survey then moved to a contextual inquiry to gather insights on what made users sign up regularly for missions or group runs.


To get a holistic view, we also participated at a local run in Tower Hamlets and Islington where we got the following feedback:


‘’I read my run report the day after because it’s
hard to view and read on my phone after the
‘’Social experience,volunteering and doing good at the
same time are what keep me coming back’’
’I don’t know if I am verified or not"

Feedbacks and quotes helps us to draw an Affinity Map where we were able to define user's needs and pains points

Moscow Method

We also looked at feature prioritisation to narrow down the most important features to include in our solution.

moscow method goodgym.jpg
  • Recent Activity
  • Edit profile from landing page
  • Display activity metrics on the
  • homepage
  • User tailored missions




Design studio

design studio goodgym.jpg

First round of testing with sharpies and paper

paper prototype goodgym.jpg

Some of the key finding:

  • the landing page had too much information,
  • no clear
  • indication on notifications, but bringing “Heroes” on the landing page is great


Second round of testing with iterations

mid fidelity prototype goodgym.jpg

Some of the key finding:

  • Mixture of boxes and circles confused users, after
  • signing up, a request to add the event to the user’s calendar would be useful
  • Users didn’t understand the small circle close to the notification popup and pop up message too big
  • Would be great to see run metrics and how many badges or deeds achieved

High Fidelity Prototype

high fidelity prototype goodgym.jpg