Our first step was conducting a competitor analysis of the main museums in London. We focus our attention to the navigations and usalibity. We had compared differents museums through the app and the website. Ati this point ours first consideration was “ what would make a person feel engaged with the process of visiting the museum learning from exhibitions and enjoying the experience”?
     So we created a surveys, this helped us to identified the target and the type of experience.  From our 72 responses of the screener survey we have intercepted some insights that helps us to ask the right questions to the individual interviews after that we were able to create an affinity map and understand  pains points  to work on it .
Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 20.53.28.png
 For our second and third persona, we used all the other aspects required on the brief that didn’t cover plus important pain points remaining in the affinity map.  We used different scenarios to analyse their behaviour and to understand how Vanessa and the other 2 personas will experience navigation in the museum app.                    USER JOURNEY
 At this stage we were plenty of informations.  We had a lot of design studio session arguing about the best navigation system. We easily indentified that our 4 pains points were
  4 FOCUS POINTS   1)getting from place to place  2) finding the toilet  3)knowing what they have seen and what they have not  4)getting everybody together for a possible meeting point   So we focused our attention on a system that could help the user navigation.  All this considerations brought us to have an idea and create a navigation map
 Our first low fidelity prototype was a little bit different from our last version . As a group we iterate the product many times we went in two differents museum after testing with feedback the final design emerged.
  SEE THE PROTOTYPE   https://projects.invisionapp.com/d/main#/console/12191550/256628784/preview
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